Video Gallery Estrosa

EstrOsa 2014 Video

This year Deepkeikoo chooses to promote a really hard-hitting look. This collection adresses to all those who always want to dare, to all those who want to show themselves fearless, to all those don’t fear any competitions. Estrosa is a set of emotions, geometric shapes and colours. Every stylist expresses himself without limits and that’s why we consider it the apotheosis of Deepkeiko philosophy.
The cohesion of inspiration and desire to dare: here is ESTROSA.

Estrosa 2014 Backstage Video

Look at our designers at work during the creation of the stunning hairstyles on models DeepKeikoo.

Estrosa Fashion Event 2014

The inspiration comes from the rock, with dark shades and an inclination for excess and drama. The party ESTROSA reflects all these things: it’s a kaleidoscope of extreme shapes and charming moods, made of a series of distinct moments that synchronically work togheter in order to communicate the idea of individualities who express themselves to their full potential.
With the “Noir Circus” of the “Opera on Stage” group (acrobatics, fire performances and live dance shows with bondage influences) and the live fashion show backstage at the gallery, the audience gets 100% involved in the sensorial incentives of the event.
The parade starts at 11 pm: clothes and direction are by “0770”, a young Neapolitan brand providing 100% made in Italy handmade clothes and accessories, developed by Enzo Pirozzi and Irene Di Caprio. The key words of the brand are authenticity and high design, and this totally fits Deepkeikoo philosophy: “avant-garde” style, geometrical shapes and asimmetrical cuts are the common denominator that makes this partnership so successful.
The fashion runaway starts to the tune of Silicon Dust. The parade is dreamlike, the dark atmospheres fill with light, minimalism contrasts with volume.
The rock appeal of “0770” clothes completely interacts with Deepkeikoo creations: hair sculptuers and sculpted hair rule. Teasing hair combined with tulle and leather hints create a “Victorian rock”, a futurist retro flavor that leaves the audience speechless.