Our Collaborations:


Night at CBGB

Put a wonderful and complex city.
Put two groups of creative talents.
Consider that one creates clothes and the other hair scuptures.
Finally they meet each other.
What’s going to happen, according to you?
Naples, 0770 and Deepkeikoo choose to connect their minds and skills to create something together: among shootings and catwalks (not always canonic) they realize quite everything they have imagined during the brainstorms.
The last one is: “a night at CBGB”.
During a magical night, the CBGB has gone back to life.
During that wonderful night, its costumers were full of extraordinary elegance and beauty.
We borrowed 10 paintings and a sculpture from Velazquez, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Raffaello, to inspire and re-invent that magical night!
The roles have been turned upside down: it’s not the Virgin Mary to cry his son in “The Pity”, but a young man that holds a victime of femicide in his arms; there is some noise during the “Transport of Dead Christ”…actually is just someone who went too far…
To paraphrase. To confuse. To misunderstand.
On purpose.
But still be faithful to the elegance of the referential paintings.
After all we are at CBGB!
After all we are punk!

ph Irene De Caprio
hairstylist Deepkeikoo
stylist Enzo Pirozzi
mua Valeria Nocera, Alessandro Gaglione
dresses and accessories 0770
models Anna Babuska Bevilacqua, Antonio Filogamo, Francesca Glovi, Lucrezia Labonia, Federica Marigliano, Diego Meneghini, Ginevra Pisani, Vincenzo Chuck Soria, Lucrezia Terracciano, Anastasiia Utka